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Coffee house proliferation dots the landscape from big cities to smaller towns. Customers search for coffeehouses serving quality espresso-based and coffee beverages while providing a social gathering place. Wired Coffee Bar, an independent coffee house is located in the community of Willard, Ohio. The establishment is owned and run by three sisters: Carrie Snook, Susan Frisch & Jeanne Lillo. Wired Coffee Bar opened for business in September 2006. The coffee bar specializes in delivering espresso based drinks, as well as traditional drip coffee, tea, smoothies and alternative drinks.

Wired Coffee Bar focuses on efficiently delivering high-quality beverages to customers on the go by offering a walk in counter as well as a drive thru. For those who choose to walk in, Wired provides a comfortable environment including wireless internet and music.

After researching the coffee industry to find the best coffee available, while looking for a company that supports independent businesses, Wired Coffee Bar chose CrimsonCup Coffee & Tea based in Columbus, Ohio. They are able to deliver premium coffee products, including syrups, chocolate, teas, smoothies and other items on a weekly basis to ensure freshness of product.

Drive-thru, carry out or sit in. Read a book, visit with friends or surf the internet. Enjoy a quality made beverage with a tasty bakery treat!

Free Wi-Fi hotspot for our customers.


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